3rd General Assembly

From 22 to 24 November 2023, hosted by SIEL – Territoire d’énergie Loire, the AEGIR Project consortium met in St Etienne France for the 3rd AEGIR General Assembly. Project partners express satisfaction with the project progress towards the development of modular, renewable, and industrialised building envelopes for low-energy renovation across Europe. 

Highlights of the General Assembly: 

1.       French Demonstrator Site Visit: Partners visited the French démo site, an elderly residence in Boën-sur-Lignon. This residence will be renovated using the AEGIR solution and great emphasis is put on the fact that AEGIR should, among other benefits, ensure residents’ comfort and continuity during the renovation process.

2.       Circularity & Sustainability Workshop by TUDelft: The consortium partners discussed how to enhance material sustainability and circularity of the AEGIR solution. They also gathered ideas regarding the post-renovation disassembly and reuse of materials of the building enveloppe AEGIR is developing.

3.       Presentations & Future Steps: An overview of achievements and upcoming plans for each work package highlighted collaborative progress and future goals.

4.      L’autre Soie visit: This refurbished building promotes sustainability by utilising salvaged materials and repurposed furniture. It now accommodates coworking areas, cultural associations, and support services for those in need, aiming for an inclusive ecosystem. autresoie.com

5.       DualSun Factory Visit: Dualsun has been developing intelligent and ecological solar solutions since 2010. Dualsul will implement their expertise and innovative panels in the AEGIR solution. dualsun.com

 The AEGIR Project is dedicated to develop a solution towards sustainable renovation practices, working towards transformative change in the construction sector.