2nd General Assembly

AEGIR’s General Assembly in #Copenhagen, Denmark: for two days the project partners discussed the progress tasks, visited the demo building and confirmed the upcoming actions towards achievements.

A special thank you to Lies Vanhoutteghem from Danish Technological Institute and Lisbeth Engelbrecht from Domea.dk who hosted the two days of consortium meeting.

DTI Danish Technological Institute is an independent and non-profit research and development institute. Since 1906 the Institute has worked to promote the application of technological advances, for the benefit of both the individual business and the continued development, growth, and prosperity of society as a whole. This takes place in line with interdisciplinary and highly relevant societal drivers: digital transformation, green conversion, the circular economy and growth, productivity, and innovation capacity. 👉 https://www.dti.dk/

#DOMEA was created to create good, safe housing that ordinary people can pay for. This presupposes as low a rent as possible. We achieve this through continuous streamlining and digitization of our services and because we are one of Denmark’s largest general building and housing administrations. Domea.dk is non-profit, owned by the customers and democratically managed. We are run as a commercial company to ensure as low a rent as possible. 👉 https://www.domea.dk/